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Stunning splashbacks

  • By KitchenWise
  • 14 Feb, 2017

How to choose your kitchen splashback

Large gloss tiles created a striking kitchen splashback for this KitchenWise client.

When it comes to kitchen splashbacks, you are spoilt for choice. The options are endless!

So how should you narrow the myriad of choices to pick the perfect splashback which fits your style – and budget? 

Here is some advice we offer our clients.

1. Choose your benchtop first

The options for splashback colours and patterns is almost limitless so we recommend choosing your benchtop colour and material first, followed by doors.
This establishes a colour palette for your kitchen and helps you narrow down the endless options available in splashbacks. Once you set a colour scheme,  you can then select a splashback which complements the look. You will be guaranteed of finding a perfect match in colour, style and budget, yet not overwhelmed when shortlisting your options.
The options for splashbacks are endless, such as this example of Watchband Avorio Honed Mosaic tiles. Image: Beaumont Tiles
This KitchenWise client chose a neutral benchtop and white tile splashback for a modern, yet timeless kitchen.

2. Materials with purpose

Remember, the primary purpose of a splashback is to protect your walls from water, heat and food stains. It's secondary purpose is decorative.

These popular options tick the boxes for functionality and visual appeal:

TILES the traditional go-to for splashbacks. Tiles are the most common choice because of the large scope of shapes, colours, patterns and price variance (about $30sq/m to $300sq/m). There is something to suit all kitchen themes and budgets.

  • Tip: Larger tiles have less grout to clean. Whichever size you choose, it is a good idea to have your grouting treated to protect it from food stains such as fats, oils and sauces.
Finger glass black mosaic tilesImage: Beaumont Tiles
Tiles are available in countless designs and colours. This kitchen features Fingers Black Gloss Mosaic tiles. Image: Beaumont Tiles

GLASS a popular upgrade on many of our clients' wish lists because of its modern, streamlined finish. It’s easy to clean, has limitless colour-matching options and its reflective qualities will bounce light around the room.

This product is available in a variety of finishes including solid glass, metallic colours, toughened mirror and printed glass.

A glass splashback is measured, coloured and toughened for heat resistance after the kitchen is installed, so expect a two- to three-week turnaround.

A plumber will need to fit a temporary fire retardant material behind the cooktop for live-in renovators while you wait for the glass splashback's installation.

  • Tip: Some colours may highlight smearing if natural lighting comes from the side.

Glass splashbacks add light and colour to your room and are available in a number of finishes.

WINDOW – extends your kitchen outside your walls and works well in homes with a view. Window splashbacks will only work in homes with a design to match. This material is easy to clean and provides natural light for your work area.

  • Tip: A window splashback gives an illusion of more space by bringing the outside in.

An attractive outdoor space becomes a kitchen feature with a window splashback and allows you to watch children playing while you cook.

LAMINEX METALINE  – an aluminium-based, fire-retardant splashback. This versatile product provides a sleek, continuous look and can be fitted within 24 hours of the kitchen’s installation. There are more than 20 on-trend colours with a stunning high-gloss finish in the Laminex Metaline range.

  • Tip : As for all splashback finishes, clean Laminex Metaline with non-abrasive products.

The gloss finish Laminex Metaline splashback in Icicle Metallic is sleek and contemporary in this workspace. Image: Laminex

PRESSED TIN PANELS®  an attractive splashback suited to traditional kitchens.  Careful pattern choice will also work as a textured splashback in a well-designed modern kitchen. 

This product is  made from a specialised grade of aluminium sheeting and is generally not susceptible to rust.  Pressed Tin Panels® recommends powder coating splashbacks because the aluminium panels are porous and will absorb moisture, fats and oils without some type of sealant. 

Pressed Tin Panels® aluminium panels have been pressed to allow an over-lap join. The pattern then runs continuously along the wall or ceiling without a double-up impression. 

  • Tip:  To retain the gloss finish on your powder-coated splashback, do not use any abrasive cleaners or scourers. The best option is hot soapy water or hot water and Metho or Eucalyptus oil with a micro-fibre cloth. Simply wipe over the area regularly and it will look great for years to come.

Pressed Tin Panels® Original White Satin is a popular splashback in traditional kitchens. Image: Pressed Tin Panels®
Pressed Tin Panels® Savannah White Satin splashback complements the modern elements in this kitchen design. Image: Pressed Tin Panels®

ENGINEERED STONE SPLASHBACK – replicates the look of natural stones (such as granite and marble) but at a slightly lower cost. The different brands of engineered stone are all easy to clean and offer a good variety of patterns and colours. 

Patterns are stencilled into the stone, so the more complicated and labour-intensive the stencilling, the more expensive the product. Ceramic looks are digitally imaged and may provide a less expensive option.

  • Tip: Wipe away pasta sauce splashes as they occur to avoid stains.

MIRROR – gives a touch of class to a modern kitchen and the illusion of more space. The fire-retardant toughening process creates a slight tint. Reflections will increase the sense of space and bounce light in your work space. On the flipside, reflections will also show the splashback areas which need cleaning!

  • Tip:  Powerpoint penetrations cannot be drilled during installation. The experienced KitchenWise team discuss powerpoint positioning with our clients before organising their custom-made mirror splashback.
A tinted mirror splashback gives a designer look and creates the illusion of space. Image: AV Glass Splashbacks

3. Colour choice

Besides the chef (presumably yourself), you need to decide if there will be a hero in your kitchen. That is, your splashback and benchtop should not compete for the limelight.

If you want your benchtop to be the hero, choose a subtler colour for the splashback.

Or, if you want wow factor in your splashback, choose a neutral benchtop.

A neutral splashback gives a minimalistic look. If you want to add more interest to the space, choose a complementary or contrasting colour in similar tones for your splashback and benchtop.

This neutral benchtop allows the subtle colour chosen for the splashback to stand out.
A neutral benchtop allows the splashback to be a standout feature.
This gloss finish splashback in Laminex Metaline in Palladium Perle contrasts with the benchtop and cabinetry. Image: Laminex
Pressed Tin Panels® kitchen splashback in Original Classic White complements a dark benchtop. Image: Pressed Tin Panels®

4. Heat resistant

Australian Standards require kitchen splashbacks to be a non-combustible material applied to non-combustible plaster. Heat resistant glues must be used for applications.

Quality tradespeople are paramount to your kitchen’s safety.

5. Be patient

The splashback is the very last thing to be installed in your new kitchen. If you really can't decide during the design phase or struggle to visualise a favoured splashback, wait until after installation.  But keep in mind, this means you will need to wait longer for your kitchen to be completed.

6. Ask the professionals

Yes, there is a lot to consider when choosing your splashbacks: from safety and functionality, to cost, colour and interior appeal.

Our experienced team at KitchenWise can expertly guide you from design to installation and if required, we project manage all the relevant trades, including electricians, plumbers, painters, glaziers and tilers. Contact us today, for an obligation-free quote for your dream kitchen. http://www.kitchenwise.com.au/contact  

By KitchenWise 28 Aug, 2017

The adage “Time is money” rings true for any business undergoing a revamp, or preparing to open its doors for the first time.

No business can afford to close shop for too long – or disrupt its workflow if it needs to remain operational. And when it re-opens, or returns from temporary to permanent work areas, a quality fit-out will enhance productivity and your customers’ impression of your brand.

Having specialised in shop and commercial fit-outs for more than 20 years, the KitchenWise team understands that no two jobs are the same.

The scale of work varies from full cabinetry fit-outs to custom cabinetry in existing work spaces. Other projects require cabinetry to enhance functionality and flair to industry-specific fit-outs provided by specialist suppliers.

Here are some of our recent projects where we got to show the versatility of our work.

Business brief:

While each of our clients ran very different businesses, they shared two common elements on their fit-out brief.

1.      Specific timeframes from the beginning of fit-out to open-for-business.

2.       A need for us to adapt our manufacturing and product to their industry-specific externally-supplied or existing products.

By KitchenWise 21 Jul, 2017

A custom-designed wardrobe has more benefits than meets the eye.

Not only does it look great, the well-planned use of space saves you time – and stress – in accessing what you need in a hurry.

Often, lack of organised storage space in other areas of the home – or even garage – results in non-bedroom paraphernalia cluttering floor and precious shelf space in the bedroom wardrobe. 

Hidden away from visitors, the bedroom wardrobe may inadvertently become home to miscellaneous household items: things like rolls of wrapping paper,  piles of documents, box games and disused toys, sentimental items, photo albums, sporting equipment, musical instruments, luggage and all sorts of  flotsam and jetsam of people’s lives. Sound familiar?

That’s not to say non-clothing items shouldn’t be kept in your wardrobe, but there are solutions to creating a more efficient and attractive storage area.

We help renovators and builders plan the area for their clothing and day-to-day items so they can keep things tidy and easily accessible.

So, how do we help transform the space?

By Write Line Communication 23 May, 2017

An eight-star energy display home built to raise money for Goulburn Valley Health’s oncology unit has received positive feedback from visitors.

The GV Health Foundation Charity Home, built by Sessions Builders and a host of other local trades and suppliers on Sanctuary Dve, Kialla, opened to the public in early February.

As the only eight-star energy home in the Goulburn Valley, its design and future sale for charity, has created a lot of excitement in the community.

Sessions Builders charity home project manager Bethanie Hemeter said local trades and suppliers gave as much as they could to bring the charity project to fruition.

“Any generosity was welcomed, so we could keep the cost down to donate as much as possible,” Bethanie said.

“Businesses donated services, materials, hard goods, soft goods and their time to build this home and proceeds from the sale of the house will go to the GV Health oncology unit.

“The generosity from trades and suppliers has been fantastic and the response from people visiting the home has been amazing.”

The charity house, also known as the Verde display home, will be sold within the next year. In the meantime, display home visitors are being wowed by the home’s many features.

By KitchenWise 18 Apr, 2017

If your kitchen wish list includes “lots of drawers”, you are not alone.

Most of our clients tell us they want as many drawers as possible in their new or re-modelled kitchen.

A kitchen brimming with drawers is on-trend for good reason.

Drawers provide 30 per cent more storage than cupboards and make it easier to find and access items.

This means a more organised kitchen – and less twisting and bending to access hard-to-reach items.

Drawers require more hardware than cupboards, so drawers are more expensive. Therefore, your budget and kitchen shape will ultimately determine your quantity of drawers.

By KitchenWise 05 Mar, 2017

Global colour authority Pantone's 2017 Colour of the Year - Greenery - is symbolic of new beginnings.

A refreshing and revitalising shade, here are some ideas on how you can make use of a pop of green in your home.

By KitchenWise 14 Feb, 2017

When it comes to kitchen splashbacks, you are spoilt for choice. The options are endless!

So how should you narrow the myriad of choices to pick the perfect splashback which fits your style – and budget? 

Here is some advice we offer our clients.

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